Thursday, March 08, 2007

Organic food blog

My mother-in-law is a true believer in the health benefits of organic food and in fact almost everything in their fridge is organic. I too was influenced and a large percentage of our food purchases consist of this type of food. Would have loved to have 100% of our food intake to be organic but that's simply not possible. One strong factor is the cost. We simply can't afford it here in the UK.

The fact that organic food is much costlier than the normal food is one of the major reasons that turn people away from this healthy food. However, if we put into the calculations savings on hospital, medicine and other bills, we might actually be saving more in the long run as we are healthier. I don't know whether it's just in the head but we do feel healthier.

Anyway, if you are look for more information on organic food I would recommend you to visit "Live Life… Organics & Your Health". it has loads of articles on natural and alternative health topics, especially organic food. The site belongs to my friend Doris, who also writes in her personal blog and shopping blog.


Dad of Four said...

Nah it's not only in the head...My kids are less prone to falling ill now! It tastes nicer somehow!

Adam said...

you are right about the taste. The organic vegetables here in the UK definitely tastes much better than the normal ones.

dorischua said...

Thanks for the post, Adam... may you share my love for organics! I believe organic food is more affordable in UK too.

Adam said...

You are welcome, Doris. It's considered cheap if you earn in pounds but when we convert to Malaysian Ringgits, it comes to a lot.


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