Thursday, March 08, 2007

Just another day

It was my birthday yesterday.
Had a long distance conversation with my two sisters down under. Then chatted with my parents over Skype. It really cheered me up.

In the evening we had a small private party - me, my wife and our two darlings.

Growing older and hopefully wiser.


lucia said...

oh but yesterday you didn't tell us! busy with sponsored posts eh? :)

anyway a very happy belated birthday to you, adam. it's nice to celebrate it very privately among your loved ones.

david santos said...

Good work, thank you
Good week for you

Jee said...

Happy belated B'day Adam.

Adam said...

Thanks guys for your wishes.

Hi Lucia: Not really. Just wanted to see how many of my old friends remembered my birthday.

MerapuMan said...

Adam, Happy belated birthday. Wiser ok but dont get weirder :)


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