Thursday, February 22, 2007

Software for contractors in Florida

I am trying to help with the pre-launch buzz of MyOnlineToolBox. For your information, is a site specifically targeted to contractors in the Home Repair and Remodeling industry. The company hopes to carve a niche for itself in South Florida's contracting industry. This will not be easy as this industry is highly competitive.

However, the company believes that they have a winning product and as pointed out on the home page of the website, this home repair and remodeling solution was:
"Built by contractors for contractors"

Basically, this online service will allow users to enter customers, create and share schedules, work orders, estimates and invoices for a small monthly fee. Users can also share job information with customers and other contractors, find job leads and receive payments online.

This product was recently featured in the Business section of The Miami Herald, "Web tool could renovate the contracting industry".

Even though the article points out that it might be difficult to convince the contractors who are "still suspicious of technology...", I feel that this innovative product will gain acceptance soon. This is due to the fact that it is quite convenient as this service doesn't require a large investment, nor contracts, or even commitments. All that is needed is Internet access to be up and running.

The company is interested in finding out a few things in order to develop the site further, namely:

1. What specifically compels the repair/remodeler to try a new product/ solution?

2. Where do they look to learn about new repair/remodeling industry products/ solutions?

Feel free to leave your suggestions or answers here.

MyOnlineToolBox was developed by and powered by Pompano Beach-based ServusXchange LLC., a Business-To-Business information technology developer. The Company was founded by Mr. Brian Javeline, Mr. Philip Tonks, and Mr. Michael Carson. The company is a spin-off operation of Accelerated Computer Technologies, Inc. (ACT), a U.S. corporation also based in Florida and founded in 1986.

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