Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Simple is boring

Þæs ofereode,þisses swa mæg!

It's very old English phrase, which translates into "That went by, so can this."

Anyway, was going through this site called Take More Risks by Matt, a 23 years old blogger.

The site design is really plain. I am a believer in simple designs too but plain is simply boring. He's definitely not going too win any web design prizes in the near future unless he does something.

Maybe what the site needs are some nice images to brighten it up a bit and maybe a nice logo instead of the present plain one.

He wrote a post about having too many categories on his blog, but I couldn't see any categories when I visited. Maybe he has taken them down.

Having said that, site has some interesting topics but many of the posts are way too long and I am not sure whether anyone has the patience to go through them entirely. Unless you are a geek like me who likes to read long posts, I don't think this blog is going to bring back a lot of repeat visitors.

Might come back again.


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