Monday, January 22, 2007


I have been trying my level best to secure a job here but without any success. Thought that I would have better luck after getting my NI but that didn't happen... yet.

Was really excited yesterday because I received a job offer by e-mail yesterday. It was not great but anything is welcome. However, after sending them my CV, the guy told me that I was not suitable for the job. The reason - I am over qualified.

Have been given that same reason by a few other organisations I applied to. Hello! Well I can remove the qualifications from my CV if that's what you want. It's nice to know that I am overqualified but Hell! I need any job.... Now!

I am seriously considering removing my education and job experience details or at least tone them down a bit.

Something turned up today and keeping my fingers crossed. Will write about it if everything goes alright.



dorischua said...

It's good to be overqualified - boost our self-esteem! It's the same for me here in KL, hard to find a job cos they think I'm overqualified. Hope you find something u like in UK.

Anonymous said...

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