Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Never forget a birthday

I am sure that at one time or the other you must have forgotten the birthday of a friend or family member. I have.

Well Card-List.com is a company with a great idea. You sign up and enter in the birthdays of your friends/loved ones. You then buy some cards online.

Here where the interesting part comes in. Their database will track the date of birth of your loved one and a week before the individual’s birthday, you will receive a birthday card and an stamped and addressed envelope (to the individual) in your mail early enough for you to sign and send it off.

Yeah! It's up to you to send it on to the birthday boy/girl.

Companies can also use this service to let employees and customers know that you care about them.

I am not really sure about the pricing but they have mentioned that the cards are as low as $4. I didn't sign in so I am not sure whether the prices depend on the location of the recipient. For example, my sister lives in Australia. Will it cost more to send a card to her as opposed to someone living in New York. They have not mentioned that it is limited to residents in the US. So I assume that it guys in Malaysia and in the UK can sign up too.

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Anonymous said...

Hi.. tks for adding me to your blogroll - I'll return the favor. I was surprised that I got the dedicated hosting post cos there was an error message when I tried submitting.

Adam said...

Thanks for the link. Congrats.

I tried to get through for almost an hour and then finally gave up.

Kate said...

Great! Thanks for the info buddy. Thats really cool. Check out my blog for some unique birthday gift ideas.


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