Tuesday, January 23, 2007

For fans of soaps

I am not talking about the stuff that foams when you rub them under a tap, but instead to those ongoing dramas that unfold on the small screen, I mean the TV. They can get so addictive.

I remember my wife rushing home from work during her lunch breaks just to catch a popular Filipino soap drama. My mum is a big fan of the Bold and the Beautiful, one of the longest soaps ever (I may be wrong). It was so confusing. I give you an example, the ex girlfriend of one character (or ex-wife) may become his step mother. to understand the stories, you have to be a loyal follower. Once you get hooked, that's it.

Now for some trivia, did you know how this particular form of entertainment came to be known simply as 'Soaps'? Well, it seems that the name originate from the various sponsors of these dramas who were soap manufacturers. As the target audience were almost exclusively female audience (as they are till today), they came to be known as soaps.

Soaps.com is a relatively young site (only 5-6 months old) but is becoming very popular. They carry the latest news, daily updates and list of shows, Readers can register and discuss their favourite shows in the message boards.

So far they list only the soaps from the three major TV channels in the US, namely, ABC, CBS and NBC. I am not sure about other people but I would definitely like to see more pictures.

So if you missed an episode or wanted to get some spoliers, log on to the site.

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