Thursday, November 02, 2006

Coping with my new life and a scare

A lot of people have been asking on how I am coping with my new occupation - as a full time house husband. Yeah! That's what I am right now. I admit that I used to look down on other house husbands when I was working and I take it all back.

As I was washing the dishes a few minutes back, I realised that my life has changed when I was in the middle of singing along with my daughter, her favourite nursery rhyme "1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Once I caught a fish alive".

It's not as bad as it sounds and the transition has not been that difficult. I enjoy the quality time with my kids. However, staying at home all day can be pretty boring. I miss lepaking with friends, drinking teh tarik at the mamak stall right in front of the entrance of my previous organisation in Kedah.

My wife is at the Warwick Arts Centre right now to watch 'Thatcher The Musical' with her friends. I wish I could watch it with her but it's a sacrifice I have to make. Here, in UK with no maids and no parents, we have to take turns to look after the kids. When I go out, she has to stay at home. Most of the time when we do go out, we have to bring both kids along. Had to cancel a few invitations because we couldn't bring the kids along. It is not easy handling the kids. It only takes but one second for disaster to strike.

We had a big scare a few days back. I was with Imaan in the living room and my wife was upstairs. I heard Rahil coming down the stairs - thump, thump. Then it suddenly sounded like a ball bouncing down the stairs. I jumped from the sofa and rushed out to find Rahil lying at the bottom of the stairs crying with blood flowing from her nose. I was like in a trance. At the same time my wife came running down and was hysterical. Seeing her cry, Rahil started crying even harder. I had to cool both of them down and did a quick check to see whether there were any visible injuries on my daughter. Apart from the nose, which had stopped bleeding by then, she looked ok.

As we were rushed out from the house to dive down to our surgery (the clinic), we met a lady who turned out to be the nurse from our surgery dropping by to tell us that she's coming to meet us and check out the house this Friday. She informed us that we should take Rahil to the hospital and not to the surgery. Pure luck.

I didn't know the way to the walk-in hospital but from her directions and by looking at the map, somehow reached there. The nurse asked us a few questions: "Was she knocked out?" "No." "Any bleeding or injuries besides the nose?" "Not that we can see". As she decided that Rahil was OK we had to wait our turn (it was a long queue). She ultimately gave Rahil a clean bill of health.

My wife was really traumatised and she slept the rest of the day. That was really scary and I am thankful to God that nothing worse happened.

What about Rahil? Well she was up and hopping around right after we reached the house.

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lillian said...

Oh yes being home full time can be very very boring. I'm soooo glad my kids are in school at least till lunch time... Hope you find some other stay home parents who you can hang out with while your little ones play. Glad Rahil is ok!

Zaza said...

i miss going out to mamaks too! but i find being at home's not so bad. the most important thing is to get settled down. i begining to love my new life here. i love doing housework but its difficult lately since aidan's mood varies! if you're near, we'd definitely have both rahil and imaan here with us so you guys can enjoy time with each other (i wonder if we'd cope with all 3)! i was told repeatedly by fifi that not to forget to spend time together, the 2 of us. but how?! being just the 2 malaysians here in sittard! i'm practically alone here when hardy goes to work! far from parents, far from fifi, far from good friends! but in time, i managed to gain a few new friends -from my pregnancygym, from the hospital whom i shared my room with.. they are good reference too, since both are mothers for the 2nd time! anyway, its not going to be that bad. and THANK GOD rahil's ok! i can imagine who worried you guys were... but she's a strong girl! kiss her nose for me! p.s: i now have another song to sing to aidan.. 1,2,3,4,5.... once i caught a fish alive!! :))


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