Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Starbucks drink discounts

Besides free Wifi access, there is now another reason for me to continue patronising Starbucks stores. Recently found out that I can get a 10% discount on my drinks by using my J card (loyalty card of Jusco stores) .

I guess that means that I am not supporting the recent call to boycott the company. Anyway, I feel that by boycotting Starbucks, we will ebe hurting ourselves. Afterall, Starbucks retail stores in Malaysia are exclusively operated by Berjaya Coffee Company (M) Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berjaya Group Berhad, a Malaysian company.

You may also want to read their rumour response.



suanie said...

i thought starbucks international is taking 'em all back, due to mismanagement or something?

Deriku said...

i only drink it once in a while. guess my boycotting won't have much of an effect anyway.

earl-ku said...

boycott? for what?

hehe, i use my staff(not berjaya) id get another 10% on top of the other 10%, so its actually 19% discount ...

Iced Nyior said...

isnt that rumour thing a hoax? I wished they didnt subsitute the rhumba for the java chip one. :(

I used to go to starbucks every other day (due to lack of internet at home). Oh yea, you can also collect points on ur Genting World card :P

I still think they should have some kind of loyalty card or something :(

*lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

What?? another nefarious zionist/jew/israel plot to channel funds to the infidels?? *gasp!!* hahahaha... seriously, i laugh at all those emails making these claims... and laugh even more at those tho swallow the claims hook line and sinker instead of checking at the source. Because, in this day and age, MISinformation seems to dominate, and chances are high that what you see/read is untrue. But that's just my cynical look on life, maybe? :p

btw - i'm still a coffee bean fan tho - the vanilla lattes by starbuks tastes a.w.f.u.l.!

lucia said...

this boycott thing is so stupid. whether it is a rumour or no rumour, whether starbucks is funded by jews... so what? to boycott some companies just because funded by jews is so silly to me.

Adam said...

Suanie: I think this is a joint promotion with Jaya Jusco stores (AEON group) in Malaysia only.

Earl-ku: That's great. Wish my organisation gave me similar benefits.

Iced Nyior: I guess this is more about pressuring the US. You do something to affect the American companies' sales and they in turn would pressure their govt.

Azlynne: It is kind of stupid but I was shocked to find my very extremly educated colleagues forwarding me these mails.

Lucia: It's not because they are funded by Jews (actually they are owned by Jews) but these rumours say that these companies are investing and funding Israel.

binx said...

i actually found out about the jcard thing last month. since im not a jcard member, the barista offered to swipe his card - so i still get the 10% off.. hehehe..

i echo iced nyior's thought.. i wished they didn't discontinue rhumba.. the new drinks tak sedap..

Jules said...

No offence tamo but haven't had too many coffees at Starbucks because I have not been too impressed with what they have to offer. There was an outlet just below my old office and once because the cafe where I usually bought my coffee was closed I was desperate enough to grab a cappuccino from Starbucks and I nearly threw up. The more I think about it, it is starting to look like another American medium of introducing mediocre food, another version of McDonalds making people addicted, fatter, unhealthier by the minute! Nothing like buying good coffee beans from your local coffee store, investing in a good Coffee machine and making your own coffee…at least you can see what you are putting in your cup. Also the money saved from that “one cup a day-doesn’t cost me much” is not negligible, I have been saving a fortune...imagine all that from avoiding some very average coffee…I could live with that!

lucia said...

yes adam i meant that too... whatever... it is still silly.

terenceg said...

I rather setapak kopi than kopi bin.
but sometimes people go there for show, although the service is good, the populated company surrounding that area is kinda weird.


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