Monday, August 07, 2006

Blog statistics

My blog has a Google page rank of 5 and is listed as a Crunchy Crustacean in the TTLB Ecosystem. This is quite impressive but looking at my web statistics, this doesn't translate to a high number of visitors.

According to, the average visits per day is 65, whereas it is 55 according to If you think that's a lot, think again. Famous Malaysian blogger, Kenny Sia receives like 9000 visitors to his blog everyday.

Discussed this situation with a few friends (regulars to my blog) and they pointed out a few possible reasons:

1. ah ok lah is too serious. Malaysians don't like serious topics.
I don't really agree with this. I often post "light" stuff too.
2. I don't post pictures of myself. I don't think this policy would change. I prefer to remain anonymous.
3. I don't post pictures of cute and/or sexy girls. I don't think this policy would change either. My wife is my censorship board and she says "No cute and/or sexy girls in your blog" and I have to agree.
4. None of the famous bloggers (not even the Malaysian ones) link back to ah ok lah. Nothing much I can do about that.

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the regular visitors to my blog.



lucia said...

hey adam, don't worry too much about statistics lah. many people seems to oohhh and ahhhh at blogs that received over 1000 visits. i'm not really that impressed. a blog may be very popular and received over 1000 visitors but it doesn't necessarily mean i will enjoy the blog. it depends on the individual's taste. e.g kenny sia may received lots of visitors but his blog is not the kind i enjoy. similiarly there is one blog that writes on socio-political issues (like me) who received less than 50 visitors but i enjoy the blog very much.

ok lah, now commenting on your listed reasons.

no i don't feel you are too serious and yes if you want to remain anonymous, don't post a picture of yourself. it's strange to think that not posting a picture of oneself (the blogger) will be one of the reason the blog not popular! and oh no i agree with you, definetely no pictures of sexy girls. i have no respect for bloggers who post pictures of sexy girls to attract traffic.

no. 4 reason - same here lah. of course lah. since we are not popular, how can popular bloggers lik us eh? but one thing i can advise is that you can go to popular blogs to comment, not forgetting to put in your link of course. some readers who read that popular blogs, seeing your comments with your links, might drop in your blog for a visit (or just a look see).

Kenny Sia said...

Hey, different strokes for different folks. Do whatever you do best and you'll be fine.

I can't write socio political issues without people getting their panties in a twist. And if Jeff Ooi starts doing parodies like I did, I think the world would cringe.

Jee said...

It depends on what you want Adam.. if you are writing for personal pleasure, stats are not really important. It could be nice enough with just a few dozens of people reading your blog regularly.

Else if you are thinking of something more ambitious, time to make some real planning and focus on some specific topic. (Hard Gay and socio-politic are not blending well together lol)

KY said...

well, sometimes the hundreds, or thousands of visits may not necessarily be all real visitors.

For example, my average is about 500+ but I get 60-80 spam comments a day, so you can safely say that perhaps 15% of the hits are fake anyway. I am sure higher traffic sites have to wrestle with zombies too.

__earth said...

well, you could think of it in two ways:

One, you blog want some strangers want to read.

Two, you blog about what you care.

For me, reason number one isn't too fun. Of course, there are always ways to combine the two but for me, I think about what I like the most. After all, I'm not aiming for USD 1000 gazilion per month through Google Ad or something.

In any case, reason number one takes the fun away from blogging. But I donno. It's just me.

Anyway, thanks for the commenting at my blog.

Andreas said...

Does the number of visitors really matter? There are blogs with 10s of thousands of visitors, which don't interest me at all because they just please the shallow taste. There are some with 20 visitors that are so creazily exciting and I learn something nearly every time I visit them.

Your blog belongs to the second category.

Keep going!

Ah Pek said...

buthen, who said you not fehmes? even mr. kenny oso commented here wor.

__earth said...

oh my words. I meant to say "One, you blog about what some strangers want to read.

sweetspirits said...

No need for

Pic's of you
Pic's of sexc gals
famous Malaysian bloggers linking 2 u

Your blog is a nice to to log by :)

I don't think your too serious
Honestly you come across as a nice guy
and in these times who could ask for more :).

keep on blogging the way you do , for that is what i like about you.

cheerz tcz

*lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

as already covered by some previous commenters: i'd rather write for myself, and be glad that there are readers out there who like to share my thoughts, rather than to kinda whore myself out to the blogosphere :-) just enjoy what you do :-)

Anonymous said...

I like ah ok lah just the way it is. Number of visitors doesn't show the whole picture. The average duration per visit shows how many visitors actually stop by and spend some time reading what you write. Then again, you are clearly not one of those who are blogging to please the others.So why care bout statistics? If you ever start posting sexy girls' pics or some sort, I'd be the 1st one to say BOOOOOOOOOO! :P

Adam said...

Thanks for all your comments guys. Wow! a post about Lebanon gets only one response but this gets 11. That's amzing.

Lrong said...

you are doing very well, my friend... important thing is to just enjoy what you are doing and not be overly concerned with figures...

Jen said...

Adam, there's absolutely nothing wrong with your blog! I like it just the way it is! =)

If it makes you feel any better, my stats took a HUGE nose dive when I changed blogs and went under the radar with making sure that certain people didn't read it anymore. My google page rank went from #2 to zero.
I am trying to get the traffic back that I once had without a certain scumbucket and creepy co-worker getting a hold of it.
Wish me luck!


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