Saturday, May 06, 2006

Changes to ah ok lah

Regular visitors might have noticed a few changes on my blog.

1. The description is no longer "a guy with a little tidak apa attitude".
It is now "Kicking the butt of guys with a Tidak Apa attitude".

2. Removed Haloscan comments. Realised that it was not very popular with most of my visitors.

3. Moved several links (not linking to me) to another page Tidak Apa.

4. As mentioned earlier I have also got rid of the Webstats4U site statistics counter.

5. Link buttons clustered together in 2s to reduce the length of my sidebar.

The blog now loads slightly faster and hurrah! No more pop-ups.

Just wanted to emphasise that

(I am anti corruption)

Help stop corruption. Don't give bribes and report those who demand bribes.

You will also notice that I try not to use unparliamentary language on my blog. So if I do mention the word "Gatal" anywhere, I mean it in its literal sense in B. Malaysia - itchiness: a ticklish or uncomfortable sensation in the skin (BBC link).

Have a nice weekend everyone.



Jee said...

Aiyo.. Adam you are always in my list lar.. how come you remove me :sob:

cheng sim said...

i still prefer Haloscan. its easier to click on their links. imagine one blog reader has like 5 over blogs and u dunno which one to pick? then again, ur blog name is more catchier now.

lucia said...

like cheng sim, i also prefer haloscan comments to blogger comments.

if you haven't pointed out the changes, i wouldn't have notice. haha. true. since i always come in just to read the posts, i rarely notice other stuff... like become blind to the other stuffs... or immune? haha.

Adam said...

Jee: Thought that you had removed the link to my blog as I didn't notice it on the index page. BTW, you are still there on the "other links" page at

Adam said...

Cheng Sim, Lucia: I lik haloscan too but it makes no sense to have two commenting systems and decided to keep the one provided by Blogger.


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