Monday, October 31, 2005

I am back

Finally back. Will be blogging more soon.

Lot of things to write about but this is all for now.

Wishing all visitors to my site a very

Happy Halloween, Deepavali & Selemat Hari Raya Aidilfitri


Lucia Lai said...

hey adam, back just in time for me to wish you

i will put up a general greeting in my blog on hari raya day itself.

so, do you balik kampung?

Golf Addix said...

errrrrrr, bro , happy belated anniverssary and happy belated birthday to your precious daughther. forgot lah to wish both of yer. me anniverssary coming up this raya and hanie's btday this 15 nov. maybe celebrate with our new child on 25th nov... must be november of the decade huh..

Jen said...

Happy Halloween Adam! Welcome Back!

Adam said...

Lucia: Thanks.

I am now enjoying my holidays in KL, so I can say I balik Kota instead of balik Kampung.

Jack: Thanks. Wish you all the best and Selamat Hari Raya

Jen: Happy Hallowen Jen. Thanks.

cyber-red said...

woot woot

welcome back!

now where is your memememe i wanna read? =P

Adam said...

Cyber-red: I did the meme (a smaller version) some time back. The post title is " 20 Years Ago".

Jacky said...

Anything interesting in the 'kota'? Guess the traffic must be really light where you can travel like a bullet :)

narrowband said...

Welcome back!

BabyPink said...

hey adam! welcome back!:)

re: eid greetings here in the philippines, we basically just say "happy eid!" or "eid mubarak!" because there's no local greeting. there are many muslim ethnic groups here, you see, and we have different languages. this is why the "universal" greetings are used.:)

Kelly L. said...

HI came accross your blog via Peter Tan's blog ... Selamat Hari Raya ... Back tow ork tomorrow.


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