Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ikea Kitchen Planner

I can hear some guys going, “Not Ikea again!”

Yes! This is another Ikea post.

If you have visited the Ikea Malaysia website, I am sure you would agree with me that it is pretty boring. There is just a map of the location and Store locator and an online catalogue in the pdf format.

Just compare it with their site in Singapore, , which is much more interesting and informative.

Anyway, while we were in Ikea on Friday, we were surveying the furniture in the Kitchen section when we noticed some of their staff playing around with the computer. Out of curiosity we went to take a closer look and discovered that it was a kitchen planner.

It is a software where you “can customise your layout, drag and drop kitchen units, and appliances and view the layout from different perspectives.”

My wife was telling me how great it would be if we could have that software on our computer so we could design our dream kitchen at leisure.

Yesterday, my wife informed me that the software was available for download from the Ikea Singapore website. In fact she had already downloaded it and was playing around with it.


Try it out. However, it is a ‘PC only’ software. Sorry Apple fans.


Me said...

Its wonderful Adam....thanx 4 the link...

boo_licious said...

adam, the UK and USA sites also have that. I love that planner although I don't love IKEA's kitchen stuff. If you want more kitchen ideas, go to the UK/USA site as they have kitchen catalogs.

BabyPink said...

my very good friend (who's actually new to blogging) also loooves ikea and he actually blogged about it.:)

you can check him out at http://iamontheverge.blogspot.com. well, not only his ikea entry. hehehe:)

Mama22Beas said...

No, no Adam...you won't get "not Ikea again" from me. Keep it coming;).

Seen the link on the kitchen planner but since I'm using office PC, can't download la...

Agree with boo_licious, the UK/US (and also Canada) is a lot better!

babypink...thx for your friend's blog. Must check it out, I'm Ikea hardcore fan!

I want to add, our DIY skill matters a lot;). I assembled our queen bed myself 4 years ago, but last year let the staff assembled my kid's junior bed. A lot of difference la, queen bed makes a lot of 'sound' just soon after that!

AlanK said...


that is quite good, actually my sister works at IKea here, but the uniforms not quite so good

anny said...

ohmagosh! i used to be an ikea freak too - when it was down the street from my house. then they moved away to another city and now i'm too lazy to go.

Acid said...

thanx adam. my wife's gonna love this!

Anonymous said...

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Erik said...

Had a great time reading through your blog. It's nice to know that many of us are totally appreciating the whole IKEA concept.

I'm actually now in Singapore (Lah Capital of the World) for work and was figuring our how to get to the store here.

Hope the dream kitchen pulls through for you and the missus. And when it does, share the pictures!

lainieyeoh said...

Oooh that's a sexy application from Ikea

Kitchen design said...

The good thing about the IKEA kitchen planner is that you can upload your design to the IKEA server and then call it back up from the IKEA store. Nifty!

kitchen cabinets said...

It's a great tool.


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