Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Korean Movie

I was never a fan of Korean movies or TV dramas for that matter (I don't know what was so great about Winter Sonata anyway). Yesterday I walked into my colleague’s office and found him watching a war movie on his computer (Yes! I know. Its a great misuse of office time and property). I hate war but I love war movies and borrowed it from him later.

I found out that it was a Korean movie called Taegukgi (2004), which btw, is the name of the South Korean flag. Written and directed by Je-gyu Kang, the movie is very violent and realistic. It was quite touching too.


Set during the Korean war in the 1950’s, the movie tells the story of 2 brothers (Played by Jang Dong-gun and Won Bin). It also shows the brutality of war and how it destroys families and humanity.

1. The official Sony Pictures website.
2. Reviews here.


Madder said...

I went to the movie with a friend of mine to watch this movie. I love this movie and that is great considering the fact that I was not a big fan of Korean movies and dramas...

The ending really got to me... the part where the brother talked about the shoes... that was really sad. My friend cried like her own husband just died. Well you know how dramatic we women can be sometimes. :P

You should really check out this Korean movie called "The Way Home". It's by far the best Korean film I have ever seen.

Simon said...

yeah, i've heard of that movie. kinda sad, other asian countries are so talented and hv freedom to make realistic war movies like these.

maybe things may be different after sepet. but that's what they said about kaki bakar.

Adam said...

I hope the Malaysian movie scene gets better. It will be a tough job considering that the small population and the presence of easily available pirated movies.

BabyPink said...

i haven't seen this movie, but i've heard of it. in my opinion, won bin is the most handsome of korean actors of today!:)


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