Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ikea Mattress

My wife called me up this morning and told me that she was just preparing to leave for her office. It was around 11 am. She told me that she woke up late today. I was a bit worried at first - "Maybe she has a headache or something" and asked her whether everything was all right. Then I found out the reason why she woke up late - our new mattress.

I once read somewhere that we spend half of our lives on bed and it is absolutely necessary to invest in a good mattress. However, when we were about to get married, since we were on a tight budget, price was the major decision factor and we decided to go for a bargain. Wrong choice and after 2 years we finally felt the effects – back pain, restless sleep and so on.

We finally decided to get rid of our old bed and last Sunday, went down to Ikea store in Damansara. After going around trying out and literally sleeping on the various mattresses, we decided to go for the firm FängeboFORESTAD foam mattress (Queen size). It set us back by RM 995. This is excluding the RM60 delivery charges. Since we didn’t have any space to keep the old mattress, we had to pay the delivery people an extra RM30 to get rid of the old one.

The Ikea mattress is our choice because of 4 main reasons:
- Reasonable price
- Trusted quality
- 20 years warranty &
- Green rating from Greenpeace (I guess that's good).

It was delivered yesterday. No wonder my wife couldn’t wake up this morning.


JxT2J said...


Which reminds me, I need a new bed.

Single bed that is.

MunKit said...

have fun in bed !:)

kljs said...

Good mattress, good night sleep. :)

BabyPink said...

yeah, i heard ikea's good.:)

hi adam.:)

narrowband said...

anohter ikea junkie! *high five* my family goes to ikea for furnitures too. my house has got quite a number of ikea products - although not everything is (some of ikea's stuff are expensive!).

Adam said...

Thanks for your comments guys.
Munkit: Looking forward to this weekend.
Babypink: Hi!
Narrowband: I really like their minimilastic yet stylish designs.

I was surprised to find that a lot of the stuff in Ikea go for under RM10/- For example their wooden kitchen spoon set (3) cost less than RM2.

Ban jonson said...

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