Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Card Junkie

Last week I was going through the contents of my wallet with my wife, while transferring them to my new one (thanks darling) and realized that I am a card junkie. I mean I was carrying more than 10 cards in my wallet. Let me list them:

1.2 ATM cards (I left another one at home because I don’t use it anymore)
3.Conversion card (for converts to Islam in Malaysia).
4.1 credit card (Citibank)
5.Lesen Memandu Malaysia (Driving licence) + renewal.
6.Golf club membership
7.Jaya Jusco J card
8.Kad Perakun Nikah (marriage card) from Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor.
9.Metrojaya Privilage
10.Malaysian Airlines Enrich
11.My organization’s smart IC
12.Real Rewards
13.Telekom iTalk (RM12 left)
14.Touch ‘n Go
15.University Malaya student card

That’s a total of 17 cards in my wallet. No wonder my wallet was so thick. So I decided that it's time to do some spring cleaning and put away those card, which I don’t really need. You will notice that I didn’t say “throw away”. I collect cards. However, I have around 100 cards now – old credit cards, used up phone cards, old smart cards, old ATM cards, old loyalty cards, etc. etc. and all of them are different. Yes I know it’s a strange hobby.

Anyway, coming back to my story. So there goes the iTalk card (I only need the number at the back), the conversion card (for safe keeping with my wife), Metrojaya card (I don’t shop here anyway), Enrich card (need only the number while booking) and my golf club membership card (they know me anyway). So that 5 cards less. My wallet actually looks much thinner now

I also realized one thing – several of my cards are in fact loyalty cards. And what do you know. I am really loyal - just the kind that marketers love. Take the Jusco card for example. A few years back, I was just roaming around town with Nick, a crazy friend of mine and we suddenly decided to go and have a look at the new Mega Mall. Only a few stores were open and construction was still going on the top floors. There were not many people around and it was pretty dusty. We noticed that some people were giving out cards for free and we decided to sign up. I am still a member.

Talking to some of my friends, I realized that I am not the only one. One lady actually had more cards than me - extra credit cards, gym membership cards and a card for regular ERL users (from YTL). Wow!

Are you one of us?


MunKit said...

the older and richer you get.. more cards will find their place into your wallet.. few years back i only had my ic and phone card :P now atms and rewardcards.. and it's just a matter of time b4 i get more junk cards.

(shrr secret when i was young, i used to keep the default 'american express' card which came with the purchase of a new wallet.. and i liked to show off to my young frens :PpPp)

sweetspirit said...

Guess i can join your card addict club,, i have at least 30 cards tsk tsk , most of them i hardly ever use.
I have too many banks accounts i really should just use 2 accounts hmm i will oneday bcause im sure i'd save on bank fee's :)

Adam said...

Sweetspirit: That's a LOT of cards. I have 3 bank accounts but only use 2. The credit card is from another bank.

Munkit: Most of my cards are loyalty cards. Almost everyone is offering them right now, including hospitals.

BabyPink said...

i have lots of cards in my wallet, too.:)


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