Monday, February 28, 2005

Hazy Melacca

Drove down to Melacca last saturday for work. My sis-in-law and husband (Eju and Muz)tagged along as they had planned to spend the weekend there. I was glad they did, as long journeys can get pretty boring when you are driving alone. The visibility was really bad but thank God! there were no horrible pile ups or any accidents. Though I saw one car who had gone into a ditch near the Port Dickson exit.

This was the first time I was driving to Melacca but couldn't see much as I was busy from 2 till 8pm. Just went to Jaya Jusco after work and roamed around a bit. Lot of choice of food and grabbed a light dinner while waiting for brother and sis-in-law who had taken my car. I had a strange feeling sitting all alone and looking at all the people walking by - some smiling, some curious while others gave me just a passing glance. And you wonder what they are thinking of.

Anyway, just found an interesting fact. The Malacca store opened in Oct. 1991 and is the first Jaya JUSCO overseas store to have trees planted under AEON Hometown Forests Program. Nice to see environmental friendly companies.

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