Monday, February 07, 2005


To make up for not being with Rahil and the wife for 2 weeks, I decided to take some days off and take a complete week off to spend some quality time with them. However, it seems that my wife has some meeting or the other, everyday. Fortunately I have Rahil to keep me busy. She is now a bundle of energy - running, jumping and climbing everywhere and she is so "Manja". She won't let me off her site that I can't even go up and take a leak without her throwign a tantrum. I guess she is scared that I will leave her like every week.

We are planning to go over to Port Dickson this Chinese New Year. Actually my wife is going there with her project team for a 3 days retreat, to finalise their project. Another case of mixing work with pleasure but I guess it not such a bad idea as accomodation for spouses and children is all paid for. Their meetings will be only for a couple of hours and have the rest of the day off. Till my next post.

Manja is Bahasa Malaysia for pampered; indulgent. It describes "gooey, childlike and coquettish behaviour by women designed to elicit sympathy or pampering by men". Got the meaning from this site.

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