Sunday, February 20, 2005


After just only a few weeks after I wrote this, my wife just called to inform that the house had been broken into last night.

The burglers jumped over the walls, broke open the windows, reached in with a pole or something and got the keys to the house and just got in like that by opening the door.

They took away my father-in-law's iPaq, Apple laptop and some other stuff. All these were in the living room. These people are getting bolder and bolder. My father-in-law had been working till about 2 am in the morning and my wife's grandmother was sleeping downstairs, just net to the living room. I thank God that no one was hurt.

They have already made a police report but I am not sure whether they will be ever caught. I have also noticed that whenever there is a construction going on nearby, incidences of burglaries will rise. Just happens that there is a new construction goign on near my wife's house, 'Wisma Glomac' or something near the Giant shopping centre at kelana Jaya. Is that a coincidence?

Really scary. Hope the police does something.


narrowband said...

I am sorry to hear that. My mom keeps the keys further from the main door. Plus, grilles help. Although nothing guarantees 100% safety, at least these would impede the burglar. By the way, iPaq and Apple laptop (I am beginning to imagine PowerBook G4) - Ouch man... Geez. Don't think the police can do much though - Can the insurance company do anything?

Yes, thankfully no one was hurt. That's most important.

BabyPink said...

oh gosh... i'm sorry to hear that, adam. people are just so desperate nowadays. tsk, tsk, tsk. i believe ther's a verse or some verses from the qur'an that you can read in the house so that the house will be safe from burglars.

take care, y'all.:)

Adam said...

I am thankful that no one was hurt as I heard that someone nearby was slashed when he confronted the burglars.
What verse is that Babypink?

Acat said...

nowadays ni we can never be too careful. as people get more desperate, the stuff that they'll do will become mor and more daring. luckily no one was hurt. we should be thankful for that eh.

Adam said...

My father-in-law is installing motion detectors + alarm all around the house.
I am also thinking of chipping in to add some vidcams which might capture the pics of potential burglars.

mdmafia said...

The part about burgling happening when there is a construction nearby is true. A house directly at the back of ours was renovating, and we thought nothing of it till one rainy day, we noticed the roof was leaking. We called our architect and he told us that our roof zinc has been removed by burglars with the intention of breaking in, but they didn't coz they figured it would be too noisy to proceed.

Usually these people only take action to break in towards the end of their construction work, when they are ready to leave. So, be wary of these people when their job is about to be completed.


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