Friday, November 05, 2004

2 Birthdays

2 of the most important ladies in my life recetly celebrated their birthdays. My daughter Rahil who turned 1 last month and my wife - who is still young ;-)

My parents came down to KL from Kota Bharu for 4 days. Rahil's birthday was a small affair with only the immediate family members and some close friends. She was introduced to Chocolate that day (my sister bought a chocolate banana cake) and as you can see from the pictures, Rahil loved it.

My wife's birthday, on the other hand was a very quiet affair. We had buka puasa (breaking of fast) together with the rest of her family and her sister bought a Cheese cake.

Our wedding anniversary and the birthdays are only a few days apart. Seems like endless celebrations but a bit tough on my pocket. I thank the government for the little extra (to my pay) last month. I couldn't have done without it.

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