Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Kill Cat

I may end up killing a cat. I know this post is not going to go down well with cat lovers, animal rights activists and others, especially my wife. My wife is the kind of person who will go down into a drain to rescue a kitten (and she has done this a few times). She won't hesitate to pick up a flea ridden - God knows where it has been - cat. All the time going "Chuck! Chuck!" - the special sound that Malaysian's use to call cats.

Anyway, coming back to my story. Most of my neighbors keep cats and some have more than one. I have never been a cat person but I kind of tolerated them. I noticed that a few of them are the cute furry Persian cats. However, what really makes me angry is that these cats have made my porch/ my garden their toilet. It is really annoying when you find cat shit in your new garden. That is not as bad as on your porch. The one in the garden, I just cover it up with some soil and that’s it but the one on the porch you have to scrap off and then wash it. And the SMELL. Even Rahil’s poop doesn’t smell that bad. I have to pour concentrated Detol on the spot and spray air freshener all around. I wonder why these cats don't poop in their own houses, with their nice gardens.

A few days back, one of my friends stayed overnight in my house. In the morning, he was really pissed off to find that a cat had done its job on his ‘Chapals’, which he had left outside the door. He’s a retired army officer and I discovered that he has some phobia of cats ever since his favourite cat scratched him when he was a kid. On narrating my particular problem to him, he suggested that I keep a pile of stones, watch out for the cat and you know what to do ;-). I replied that it might not help in improving neighbourly relations.

Yesterday, I was horrified to find a big piece on top of my precious ‘Halba’ seedlings and near the ‘pagaga’ plants. I know that this is the holy month of Ramadhan, The month of forgiveness of ‘Sabar’ but ...

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