Sunday, September 26, 2004

Audi Mania

I had actually wanted to write about this sometime back but forgot to do so. I was recalling what one family friend told me when he visited Malaysia. He was surprised to see the number of luxury cars on the KL roads. According to him, it would not be surprising if the number of Mercedes Benz cars on KL roads were more than in London.

I doubt it and I had to remind him that many of these cars were reconditioned, half cut-joined and several of them, over 20 years old. However, I guess that there was some truth in what he said. Go over to Bangsar and on any given day - the total worth of the cars parked there would equal our last year's GDP. I am not joking, one day I noticed 3 Ferrari cars parked along Jalan Telawi. I didn't really look at the models but I am sure that each one would have cost over half a million.

Just a few weeks back, had my dinner at Syed's at Kelana Jaya. I am not sure whether there was an Audi exhibitoon nearby or something. I counted a total of 9 Audi's parked around the place and most of them looked new. Are Audi's getting cheaper?

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