Monday, June 14, 2004

Subang Airport Revival

Just heard this through the grapevine. There has been a proposal to make Subang Jaya as a regional hub for the budget airlines. Praying that this is true and I am keeping my fingers crossed too. I can remember those days when getting to the airport look a mere 10-15 minutes drive from my residence.

I went there sometime back and the whole place was in a mess and looked like some ancient ruins, apart from a few places which have been taken over by some companies. A waste of perfectly good facilities. If this proposal comes through, they sure are going to have a tough time renovating and cleaning the whole place. I guess a few million in contracts.

I don't know why they didn't think of it earlier. I guess its because they never expected the budget/ low frill/ low cost airlines (Air Asia) to take off. It has and even gone on to make a profit. According to the reports, some of the local routes covered by MAS will be gradually taken over by Air Asia. I am sure Air Asia is also looking forward to this plan to develop Subang as a hub, which will mean even more peasengers get to fly.

The cost and time taken to get to KLIA was one important factor which really turned us off from flying to local destinations even at a cheap cost. Take this instance, where we dropped off my parents at KLIA. We were still on the way back when they informed us that they had already reached Kota Bharu.

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