Monday, May 17, 2004

Weekend in PD

Tagged along with my wife to PD this weekend. She had a meeting there and I decided to be the babysitter.
We stayed at the Regency - it was OK but not that great. We didn't get to roam around much, as my wife was busy with her work and I was busy with the baby. Now I am getting great at bathing Rahil. Don't think its an easy task holding a slippery 8.5 kg baby and trying to wash her hair.
My wife made one observation about the hotels in Port Dickson. All of them were concentrated along one part with the result that there were too many. Hope of having nice peaceful walk on the beach in the evening was also shattered by the reclamation work being carried out nearby. And forget about taking a dip in the sea - its really dirty.
Actually after staying in a number of hotels in Malaysia, you begin to realise that there not much of a difference. Of course apart from the Sutera Harbour Resort in Sabah which remains my all time favourite. I am not really sure what I liked about that place. Maybe it was because of the great view from the room, the great food, the bathroom with folding windows and a bath tub which you could jump into from the bedroom. Or maybe it was the fact that my wife was pregnant with Rahil that time. I don't know. Hope to go back one day.

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