Monday, March 08, 2004

Parenting Talk

On the 7th, we attended the parenting talk at Tabung Haji, KL which was organised by Islamic Outreach ABIM. My mother-in-law also joined us. The speaker, Prof. Muhammad al' Mahadi introduced very interesting and thought provoking ideas. It was also the official launch of his booklet "Shaping excellent character: A manual for parents". Other contributors of the booklet include several academic members of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Malaysia National University). You can download it free of charge from this site. Even though the booklet has an Islamic orientation, I believe that it would be useful to all parents, regardless of religious orientation.
Anyway, I would like to share one of the simple lessons I learnt during the talk. I think it’s not only valid for children but for us adults too.
“It is my responsibility to:
1. Make myself good.
2. Help others become good.
3. Make the physical World good (clean and beautiful).”
Sometime it's the simple things which are the most meaningful.
Another interesting concept introduced by the Professor was the copyright - Muhammad al' Mahdi on the behalf of Allah.

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