Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Wanted List

Going through blogs, I noticed that several bloggers have a "wanted list". I keep a list of things to do, but not a "wanted list". Actually there are a lot of things I want but out of the reach of my hands and pocket. Of course as they say, human wants are unlimited. So I decided, I don't want to have a list as they keep changing but instead, I will write about a new "desirable" product I just came across, starting this week.
Just came across this wonderful product, the ImageView Digital Binoculars from Bushnell which combines a powerful, long-range binocular with a .35 megapixel digital camera.
A perfect accessory for birdwatchers (and perverts, I guess). If they could just add a telescopic microphone.. and a video recorder + a higher resolution. Why don't I just get a high resolution video camera with a zoom lens? As I said, we will never be satisfied.
Oh! And yes I want World Peace.

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