Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Easy Money

You get to make acquaintances with strange people from all over the World on the net. For example, recently BEN SUSU (e-mail:
bensusu@mailsurf.com) who is from the Federal Republic of Nigeria and also the chairman, contract-awarding committee for the country, recently offered me a way to make a lot of money.
He wants to award a Forty million US dollars ($40 million USD) contract in my favour to supply farming equipments tractors and harvesters. A mobilization up front fee of twenty million U.S Dollars ($20 million USD) will be given to me to start the supply.
The catch is I am not supposed to "do any supply" after the "mobilization" and I will be on a sharing basis of 70-30.
He has assured me that "this business is 100% risk free and note that they will apply legally to the various government agencies concerned and get approvals for the
fund, so the source of the fund is legal, all your Bank need see is the genuine remittance of the fund and as a matter of fact you have all the legal backings for the claim, as long you can explain that you or your associate or agents did execute the contract".
His story is quite sad because it seems a lot of people promised and failed him and he doesn't want to die a poor man. I guess no one does.
However, as I have enough money in my bank account, I wish to take this opportunity to help other poor people out there. You can e-mail him at bensusu@mailsurf.com if you are interested. In fact I have his tel. no. too.

For those people who didn't get it: IT IS A SCAM.

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