Sunday, October 05, 2003

Cats and Dogs

Just completed 2 things on my 'to do list'. Also added a new tag board powered by, which is still free. Thanks a lot guys.
Phew.. When they say raining cats and dogs, I guess that this is what they were referring to. Its has been pouring non-stop for hours now and its quite dark outside. It would be nice to get into bed with a warm blanket. With a hot drink nearby and a nice book. Unfortunately I still have some work to finish off. The thought of going out into the rain really puts me off. Its quite a run from the foyer to the parking.
I think we should start a campaign to make covered parking compulsory. On days like today, you get all wet running to the car among puddles and risk getting hit by the lady in a hurry to get home to her hubby and kids. On hots days, my car becomes an oven. I have invested in some tints and a reflecting screen for the front windscreen. Any ideas on how to reduce the temperature in parked cars?
Went to the googlism site and found this out (top 10):
adam is coming
adam is airborne
adam is god
adam is my what?
adam is within
adam is your father?
adam is lonely
adam is a paranoid
adam is new young mayor in section
adam is boring

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